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« Thanks to the Positive Actions program’s support, WW+ was able to sustainably concretize our will to determine visible, efficient actions to promote an equal work environment for women and men in our companies. »

The “Positive Actions” program

WW+ wants to develop an inclusive corporate culture to allow every employee to fully thrive. In order to optimize our measures, the Positive Actions program helped us strengthen gender equality within our company by providing a number of tools used, among other things, to reassess job descriptions, make our training program more visible to all, taking part in a Management workshop for employees in high-responsibility positions and strengthening the zero-tolerance policy towards workplace harassment.

All these measures have helped develop increased awareness among our employees.

In the world today, we still see numerous gender gaps. At WW+, we feel it is important we do something and contribute to the cause.

Who are we?

WW+ is an international company founded in 2003 by Luc Wagner and Jörg Weber in Esch-sur-Alzette, and located in Trèves since 2011. The company currently employs some sixty employees spread out over various project teams. Architecture, urbanism, space planning and project development are our core skills and are a testimony to our overall design methodology approach which goes from the concept, to organization, to detail.

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