Equal treatment

Investing in the future

With increasing digitalization, jobs are changing and expectations towards employees are evolving. In order to be ready for tomorrow's challenges, it is important to have a tight team with diverse skills. Ensuring gender equality in the workplace is a way of planning the future with all members of the team. With the Positive Actions program:

  • make the most out of diversity
  • highlight skill recognition. In Luxembourg, the hourly wage gap across all occupations is 5.4% on average. However, this gap varies depending on professional areas and varying responsibility levels.

By taking part in the Positive Actions program:

  • detect any unexplained gaps and ensure equity
  • have access to measuring tools and external consultant analyses to ensure equal treatment. Successful recruitment and talent management is a major strategic asset for the company.

Equal decision-making

A stimulating environment for women and men

Gender diversity in management teams contributes to a company's success. Having complementary profiles increases a team's creativity and adds a competitive edge.

The Positive Actions program helps develop new options for:

  • continuous training
  • promotion opportunities
  • in-company networks

It is important to boost teams' motivation and develop tools to motivate existing forces. Promotion prospects help retain talented employees.

The Positive Actions program offers:

  • an in-depth analysis of the situation
  • tools to define improvement axes and a regular follow-up
  • communication axes to improve integration of women and men in the company

Promoting gender equality is providing oneself with the means to push forward committed women and men within the company.

Reconciliation between private and working lives

Appropriate life balance

Equality between women and men implies a balance between private and working lives. Each and every individual should find their own work-life balance.

The Positive Actions program supports:

  • well-being in the workplace
  • flexibility patterns favorable to all

Good balance benefits women and men's professional prospects. It improves their participation in the employment market. At the same time, it supports employees' overall motivation. Both parents can be more involved in family life.

Improved work-life balance for both genders thus contributes to retaining talents.

The Positive Actions program encourages:

  • questioning cognitive biases
  • opening up to new ideas for work organization

To achieve collective success, overcome gender stereotypes in the workplace and have your commitment recognized in a sustainable approach.