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« At Temenos, diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of how we innovate and exploit our business model, which stems directly from our founding philosophy: “People are the key »

The “Positive Actions” program

For us, joining the Positive Actions program is the natural continuation of our commitment towards diversity and equality. Thanks to the program, we were able to strengthen a number of areas of improvements which had already been identified. Our key initiative is the Temenos Academy, through which we recruit 30-40 youngsters around the world and train them to our solutions. They are tomorrow’s leaders and we provide them with equal opportunity, equal treatment and equal progress. We are proud to have at least 50% women in this program, in a still highly male-dominated sector.

We have created our Women at Temenos network and implemented leadership training courses to make management positions more accessible. We have also implemented new actions such as the promotion of part time for all, personal development training courses and a training course dedicated to stereotype-free recruiting, and we have supported events in line with the program.

Who are we?

Temenos is the world leader in bank software, employing 7,500 people over 60 countries. Over 3,000 banks in the world trust Temenos for daily bank transaction management and the company interacts with over 500 million client users.

Locally, Temenos Luxembourg thrives on its 150 employees’ multicultural experience and helps its clients make the most of digital bank transformation opportunities.

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