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« Diversity is a winning factor for sustainable growth and competitiveness, allowing every individual to flourish and grow within the company. »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

It was natural for us to join the Positive Actions program, as it echoes the values and initiatives of Atos Group, the world leader in the IT sector for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Creating an internal female network, implementing leadership training for women, setting up a work-life agreement helped us improve the feminization rate, thus creating a more egalitarian company.

We are convinced that diversity will be a significant success factor, helping us to recruit and develop talents who can support our ambition.

Focus on the company

Atos is focused on helping shape the information space. The group uses its skills and services to support the development of knowledge, education and research in a multicultural approach and contributes to developing scientific and technological excellence.

Our vision of the future aims at strengthening our position as privileged partner for companies wishing to meet the challenges of digitalization. Atos is working towards it with a turnover of €25M and nearly 100 employees in Luxembourg.

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