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« A performing business should be socially coherent and bring its teams together. Gender equality is a mandatory step to reach this goal. »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

We were interested in assessing equality within our teams. What appealed to us was specifically the set-up of a survey targeted at all employees on this topic, and on their feeling within the company in general. We are very concerned about improving employee well-being.

We used the outcome of Positive Actions to work on an 11-action plan. Particularly to anchor gender equality more strongly in recruitments. When recruiting, all our operational positions are offered to candidates without prejudice to gender, acquired skill or nationality. We favor soft skills and motivation for the various missions.

We also worked on reinforcing equality in career evolution. With more frequent professional interviews, more widely published calls for applications, and systematic collection of employees’ expectations in terms of training and/or evolution, we have made the conditions of access to promotion more equitable.
These measures have contributed to increased team unity and a better identification of talents, leading to higher overall performance.

Focus on the company

ONET is a service provider specializing in industrial cleaning missions. The company is based in Howald and employs over 600 people who operate on more than 200 sites every day.

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