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« EY is focused on creating an environment in which everyone can feel valued and building a culture of equal opportunities for all in terms of development, learning and growth, for an improved work environment. »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

In line with the Positive Actions program, EY offers a diversified, inclusive work environment, built around valuing all types of differences. Implementing an inclusive culture is part of our DNA. We have it at heart for every individual to feel free to be as they are and to help them excel at every step of their career. A variety of points of view are the key to better questions and better answers.

They are a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Encouraging integration, flexibility, mobility, training and growth for ALL based on the principle of equal opportunity is one of the actions for which our professionals are grateful and means we have more and more women at every hierarchy level. Investing in every individual’s success and providing mutual support is eventually beneficial for our professionals, our clients and for the company.

Focus on the company

EY is one of the leading companies in auditing, consulting, taxation, strategy and transaction services, and provides support for organizations, from startups to multinationals, locally or internationally.

Thanks to the multi-discipline experience of its 1,600 employees originating from 72 countries and speaking 67 languages, the company helps clients seize the opportunities of digital transformation and prepare the ground for sustainable growth in the following sectors: finance, sales and industry, and public sector.

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