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« Gender equality is essential to ensure a company works well and fosters general satisfaction. It is important for us to ensure everyone is motivated and fulfilled. Diversity is extremely gratifying.” »

The “Positive Actions” program

 The “Positive Actions” program helped us support equal opportunities:

·         identifying personalized training needs

·         promoting equal gender representation within teams

·         maintaining work-life balance

·         pushing for increased flexibility at all levels in the company to ensure services run well

·         equal access to skill development

In practical terms, we implemented personalized training courses and coaching on stress management, team management and client and commercial relations. We also ensured more flexibility in working times and set up the possibility of teleworking. We use the Logib-Lux software to study our pay structure and ensure equity.

Supporting work equality is an asset for the company and its employees.

Who are we?

Muller&Wegener is a family-owned company which was founded in 1901 and is now managed by the 4th generation of the same family. It employs 88 people.

We offer highly diversified product ranges of office and school supplies, hygiene and packaging, and more recently office furniture and printers. Environmentally-friendly products account for 40% of our turnover.

Our slogan: “Meeting your needs is in our Nature”.

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