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“For us, diversity is a source of creativity, innovation, attractiveness and competitiveness.”

What can you say about joining the PA program?

Joining the Positive Actions program was an opportunity to reinforce our actions around themes such as diversity, integrity and equal opportunity. It is essential to guarantee gender equality in the reconciliation between work and private lives. New benefits were very recently created to further increase our employees’ quality of life.

Our ambition is to support them, without any distinction, in their evolution and offer them diverse career prospects. There has been growing in-house mobility in the last three years. We value experts and managers in the same way. In order to reinforce the feeling of equity in our human resources management, we drew up a mobility charter that’s applicable to all, and we defined eligibility criteria for promotions.

Access to training for all is a reality, with the offer constantly growing. A 12-month support plan was launched in 2018 for newly-promoted managers. Awareness training around “employability” and the jobs of the future will be offered in the near future.

Focus on the company

A leader in the local Insurance market, Foyer operates in twelve countries and is targeted at individuals, professionals and businesses, offering a range of high-range, innovative services. Foyer’s resilience lies in its ownership and the work of its 775 employees and 660 agents.

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