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“Include, develop, promote: equality is an opportunity, we act so that it becomes a reality.”

The “Positive Actions” program

The Bank is aware that gender equality is vital in our company, for cohesion, collective performance and general competitiveness, and has chosen diversity as an official company project, joining the local Positive Actions program.

Among other things, the large-scale program aimed at guaranteeing transparent, inclusive processes, developing our female talents in the long term to prepare for future challenges, and taking every individual’s needs into consideration beyond their sole employee status.

The boost of collaborating with the Ministry, the Group executives and local executives’ full support and the participation of all employees were essential to progress on these issues despite a wait-and-see economic and health context.

Who are we?

Lombard Odier is a leading Swiss Private Bank which is exclusively held by its managing partners. We are committed to combining innovation and caution to offer our clients a long-term partnership which places people, personalized consulting and management services and high-end bank technology at the heart of our relations.

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