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Equal pay for equal work and Logib

Equal pay was reinforced by the Law of 15 December 2016 and changed the Labor Code: All employers shall ensure equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between men and women. (Art. L.225-1.)
"Pay" means the ordinary basic or minimum wage and any other consideration, whether in cash or in kind, which the worker receives directly or indirectly, in respect of his employment, from his employer. (Art. L.225-2.)

Ensuring equal pay also means offering an appealing work environment, retaining employees and maintaining a positive image with clients. Measuring one's own situation is a good way to start contributing to a fairer, more equal society.

To check the pay structure, the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men refers to the standard analysis form, which is used to identify systematic pay discriminations within a company and was developed by the Swiss Confederation's FOGE (Federal Office for Gender Equality).

The form includes two parts: first, a statistics method, a semi-logarithmic OLS regression analysis based on average, and secondly, a set of individual qualification characteristics (training, seniority and potential work experience) and job-linked characteristics (skill level and work position). With all other parameters identical, this form is used to determine the share of pay gap which cannot be justified by objective, non-discriminatory factors and is linked to gender.

In other words, this method is used to determine whether within a company, there are pay gaps between women and men with otherwise similar individual and professional characteristics, implying there is systematic gender discrimination regarding pay.

In order to make this analysis available to anyone it may concern, a tool was developed to allow non-specialists to use the standard analysis form easily. To this end, the standard analysis form was transposed into an Excel program.

This equal pay analysis tool is called Logib and is available for free on the Positive Actions website. It is easy to use. Since it only takes into account standard data, there is limited administrative work required.

"Logib" is used by companies to learn about their current structure and helps them identify the causes of potential inequalities. After entering the data, the company receives a result report which processes the company's pay structures from the perspective of employee gender, examines the causes and provides options to improve pay equality.

The tool is mainly used as part of the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men's Positive Actions program, but it can also be used by any company which may be interested.