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Work towards work equality

The Positive Actions program supports women and men so that they may thrive and grow professionally. The Ministry of Equality's voluntary program helps companies develop best practices.

With an appropriate gender balance in the workplace, companies are able to create added value and reach higher achievements sustainably. Joining the program means boosting your attractiveness as an employer, to attract new talents as well as to ensure the welfare of existing teams.

The Positive Actions program aims at contributing to a more equal society. By supporting best practices in favor of diversity, companies and organizations boost their chances of collective success.

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A strong signal for the company, its employees and partners

Joining the Positive Actions program is a way of formalizing your commitment towards gender equality at work and having it recognized.

The program:

  • is used to carry out a comprehensive study of the well-being of women and men within the company
  • reinforces measures and action plans in favor of equality
  • highlights commitments in favor of sustainable development
  • encourages the retention of talents
  • gives recognition as a dynamic, model employer
  • demonstrates commitment using indicators and reporting solutions
  • supports every company's individual actions in order to reach certification

Contact the MEGA team today to join the program.

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Progressing towards certification

Joining the Positive Actions program begins by analyzing the situation.

The Ministry finances a preliminary study within the company. The situation is analyzed by an external consulting company.

A situational analysis is carried out in terms of:

Using the situational analysis, the company determines its individual action plan.

The action plan:

  • formalizes the commitment towards equality with concrete actions in the program's 3 pillars
  • fosters in-house communication with management and employees
  • encourages exemplary measures and best practices
  • supports a regular self-assessment process
  • paves the way for certification

The action plan is implemented over 12 months.

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Awards for certified companies

The "Positive Actions" certification validates best practices put in place to make gender equality a day-to-day reality at work. It highlights certified companies' professionalism and consolidates trust with external partners and in-house teams.

The certification rewards the steps taken within the program's three pillars - equal treatment, equal decision-making and equal reconciliation between private and working lives. It honors the concrete actions and means put in place.

Overall, the Ministry accompanies the company throughout the 12-month long process, after receiving the Ministry accreditation. The certifications, which are handed out by the Minister of Equality during an official ceremony, mark the company's cross-functional commitment.