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« The best guarantee of equal opportunity lies in personalized talent development programs adapted to all. »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

Joining the “Positive Actions” program was a great way of bringing together all Arendt employees to work on a widely shared project.

Among other initiatives, we facilitated the advent of an in-house DNA network (Diversity and inclusion Network at Arendt). It includes about a hundred volunteers who are given carte blanche to suggest innovative action ideas, as well as a committee to implement them.
The flagship initiative, which came to light in 2018, is the Arendt Speech Contest. A dozen teams appear on stage, each with a theme relating to diversity and inclusion.

Each participant receives training and tailored support for public speaking with a coach. Jury and public prizes are awarded in connection with our CSR commitments.
The magic of the Arendt Speech Contest lies above all in the pride of each participant after taking part.

You have to dare to progress!

Focus on the company

Arendt is the leading company for legal, fiscal and business services in Luxembourg.

With its various specialized companies, Arendt and its 850 employees provides its Luxembourg and foreign institutional clients with comprehensive advice covering every legal, regulatory, fiscal and advising aspects encountered when doing business in Luxembourg.

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