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“Joining the “Positive Actions” program with our company was dear to my heart. We managed to integrate values of equality between women and men, thus redefining how to progress together in our company.”

The “Positive Actions” program

We joined the PA program in order to assess whether equality was viewed as satisfactory in our company. And also because we were aware it wasn’t obvious for all teams yet.

The program helped us identify a number of weaknesses within our company. With the help of an external company, we were able to develop a training program aimed at shifting the situation.

It became clear to us that this is an ongoing process and that efforts are required on both sides in order to ensure enduring balance between women and men within our company.

We have observed that mutual respect is vital in human relations within the company and with our clients.

The program helped us achieve peacefulness within our teams and reminded us how important it is to take care of one another.

Who are we?

Ista has been one of the major metering service providers on the Luxembourg real estate market for over 50 years, for over 50,000 homes.

We cover everything from meter reading to individual invoicing of heating, cooling, and hot and cold water consumptions.

A major part of circular economy, our motivation is to protect the climate and reduce CO2 emissions by developing new innovative solutions for Luxembourg.

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