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« We speak about individuals with a personality, values and their own way of thinking. Being human above all is what counts. Our mission: Educating tomorrow’s adults. »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

Gender equality starts from a very early age. As a business woman, it is my duty to raise awareness to this essential subject as part of the company management. As a mother of three adorable children, it is my duty to have this outlook and sensitivity to make them aware of this positioning in their future adult life.

However there is still a lot to be done to raise awareness. The marketing in a lot of companies traps people in a role, one gender or the other. In our company, we offer job evolution prospects and training to every employee, whatever their level of education. We encourage male employees to take their parental leave.

Equality is at various levels within the company: gender, growth prospects, social point of view. In that sense, we can be proud of our group, which works on promoting these various aspects on a daily basis.

Focus on the company

Aura is a group focused on children: the children we work with on a daily basis, and the child we once were and who continues to influence our reactions and our decisions. We have a caring group vision at every level.

We go beyond childcare: We take over from parents and we act as a support for them. Our group includes nurseries, day-care centers, a training centre called Auracademy and a psychomotor education centre called N’airgym.

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