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« Our approach is based on two pillars: equal opportunity and equal treatment. »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

At Victor Buck Services, we are convinced the diversity in our teams is our strength, meaning we stand firmly against any form of discrimination. It is with this conviction that our CEO Edith Magyarics, Susanne Cardoso, our Human Resources Manager and Claude Fink, the President of our personnel delegation, have supported our Positive Actions program since 2013, in collaboration with the Ministry for Equal Opportunity. Our approach is based on two pillars: equal opportunity and equal treatment. We used the Positive Actions program to formalize and reinforce our corporate culture with concrete measures which include:

• equal access to skill development,
• equal access to job openings,
• equal access to flexible hours,
• the implementation of partnerships and CSR initiatives to facilitate and/or adapt our employees’ work conditions.

Today Victor Buck Services employs 215 passionate women and men from various horizons, united around the same project. They were all selected on a single criterion, their skill, and we are extremely proud of the resulting diversity.

Focus on the company

Victor Buck Services was founded in 2000 and offers a variety of services and solutions to support organizations in the constitution, management and distribution of their business information and data. Today our services are used by over 900 entities over the world thanks to a platform that’s accessible 24/24 and foreign partnerships (United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia) which complement the offer of our Luxembourg and Singapore production centers.

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