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« Orange firmly believes that diversity, in every function and at every level in the company, guarantees equity and economic performance. The Group has put gender equality at the heart of its strategic priorities.” »

What can you say about joining the PA program?

was important for us to contribute locally to this type of positive approach, which is closely linked to the Global General agreement signed between the Orange Group and UNI Global Union in July 2019 and the GEEIS certification – Gender Equality & Diversity for European & International Standard.

Thanks to the Positive Actions program, we were thus able to strengthen a number of areas of improvements which had already been identified, such as:

o   women’s access to high-responsibility positions

o   equal pay between women and men

o   appropriate work-life balance

o   diversity in every job, including technical jobs

In practical terms, we implemented telework, we developed flexible hours and encouraged access to training. We supported innovative solutions brought forward by women as part of our Start-Up program. It is a way for us to strengthen our local positioning and visibility.

Focus on the company

Orange is the “Bold Challenger” operator in the Luxembourg market. The company provides mobile services, internet and TV, as well as numerous other innovative telecom services.

The Orange group operates in over 27 countries over the world and connects over 264 million clients. It is one of the leading European and African mobile and internet access operators and one of the global leaders in telecommunication services for businesses.

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