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“Joining the Positive Actions program was natural for us. With our work’s digital evolution and technical requirements, women have their place in our industry, now more than ever.”

The “Positive Actions” program

Joining the project has been in the continuity of the actions implemented to attract more talented women within our company. A real challenge for our sector, where men have historically been more numerous due to the physical capacities required for certain tasks.

However the work is changing. The trend is mechanization and growing expertise is required to meet new environmental and energy standards. The profiles we look for have changed; nowadays, technical skills, autonomy and adaptability are favored.

Positive Actions has helped us structure our approach and pin-point the areas to be improved. We rethought the entire HR management system, from computerization to on-boarding and career development processes, in order to provide every individual with the same information level and the same professional development opportunities.

We are convinced that growth and personnel well-being cannot be achieved without diversity..

Who are we?

CDCL is a major player in Luxembourg operating in every field of residential, industrial, professional construction and civil engineering, from the feasibility study to commissioning and warranty.

The Group, which thrives on innovation and is actively involved in sustainable development, has signed an exclusive partnership with CREE for the construction of hybrid wood-concrete structures.

CDCL is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001-certified and employs 404 people.

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