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“It’s not sufficient to understand the benefits of diversity to make a difference. Today our goal is to act intentionally to ensure we create an inclusive work environment where each individual has equal opportunities to thrive and grow.”

The “Positive Actions” program

Receiving this certification has honored our efforts, which we initiated several years ago in favor of gender equality, which we believe is on the key element to success. We have placed diversity as a central part of our company strategy.

Here are some of the initiatives we have put in place:

– a committee dedicated to diversity

– training programs dedicated to women: resilience, assertiveness

– mandatory training courses for managers: unconscious biases, maternity coaching

– mentoring

– a flexibility policy to offer each and every individual the possibility of finding their own work-life balance

– introducing partial financial compensation during parental leave, in order to democratize it for both parents

– salary benchmarking

– introducing well-being programs with lectures on disconnecting, sleep, positive psychology and chair massages.

Who are we?

Allen & Overy is an international business lawyer firm employing about 5,650 people in over 40 offices worldwide. Our Luxembourg office opened in 1990 and employs over 200 people. Our lawyers specialize in key business law fields including banking and finance, international capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, labor legislation, intellectual property, litigation and property legislation

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