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« At LuxairGroup, the work environment is invaluable, thanks to the social and human relations and cultural diversity of our personnel, who originate from all over the globe.»

What can you say about joining the PA program?

Since its inception in 1961, Luxair has understood that diversity was the key to sustainability. The company was able to meet numerous challenges in the past, not only by developing four different businesses linked to air transport, but above all by being surrounded with motivated employees from different cultures, and it is now ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

A suitable operational and personal mix is our wealth, our asset. LuxairGroup is constantly seeking to improve this balance through awareness campaigns, targeted recruitments, as well as by building corporate culture and a work environment that promotes employee equality. “Positive Actions” helped us identify a number of inequalities and take concrete measures to correct them.

Focus on the company

LuxairGroup is a key player and a major employer in the economy of Luxembourg and its surrounding Greater Region. The company employs 3,000 people who work in a multicultural, dynamic environment and are constantly using their skills and expertise to serve our cli

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