1) Preparing the collaboration

The company starts by submitting its participation request to the Ministry of Equality. This is a voluntary, consensual approach. A convention is drawn up in order to prepare a positive actions project.

The Ministry supports the company in its project with advice, using external consultants and financial supports in particular.

The company's application is submitted to the Positive Actions Committee for advice, with the Committee comprising representatives from various ministries and administrations as well as representatives from professional chambers.

If the recommendation is favorable, a convention is finalized between the Ministry and the company to define the conditions of collaboration for the development of a positive actions project.

2) Analyzing the company's situation

The company's situation is analyzed in collaboration with an external consultant. The advising experts draw up their analysis based on the program's three pillars in terms of:

  • equal treatment
  • equal decision-making
  • equal reconciliation between private and working lives

This analysis is financed by the Ministry of Equality. The results are then further developed within a working group which consists, on the one hand, of members from management, human resources and the company's representative for equality, and on the other hand, officials from the Ministry of Equality and external consultants.

3) Drawing up an action plan

The project group formalizes the company's commitment regarding 7 action proposals distributed as they wish between the program's 3 pillars.

The selected measures stem directly from the external experts' analysis. The Ministry's representatives may provide guidance. The company defines its action plan according to its own personal situation.

4) Implementing and assessing

The action plan is submitted for the Positive Actions Committee's recommendation. Once it has been approved, the company receives accreditation from the Ministry and a grant to implement actions.

The Ministry accreditation is valid for one year. Companies commit to carrying out the measures in their action plan. Progress and achievements are documented and assessed for the purpose of receiving the certification.

Finally, a Positive Actions certification is awarded every year to companies having completely transformed their action plan as part of their participation in the program.