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Gender equality implies a balance between private and working lives.
Each and every individual should find their own work-life balance.

The Ministry of Equality is launching a new campaign in line with its Positive Actions program within companies.

Between December 1st and December 24th 2019, employees and managers in private companies and public organizations shed light on their convictions and best practices at work to achieve true life balance. These 24 video messages capture their personal experiences. They go beyond stereotypes in recruitments and promotions.

Through these testimonials, which are either individual or in pairs, we can above all notice a common will to reach a more equal division of tasks between women and men.
Good balance benefits women’s professional prospects. It improves their participation in the employment market. At the same time, it supports the motivation of all employees. Men can be more involved in family life.

With the retention of talents being a major challenge for businesses, an improved work-life balance for both genders brings fresh perspectives. “And this contributes to everyone’s well-being”, as the Minister of Equality Taina Bofferding points out.


The MEGA is publishing inspiring messages and best practices as an Advent Calendar on
Check them out on the Ministry’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts.

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